Commercial vs Residential Cleaning

The cleaning process is one that seems simple on the surface, however, when you dig deeper into the process you will find that there is a lot more to it than we typically think.  This goes for commercial cleaning seattle and residential cleaning as well.


Commercial cleaning is a long and complicated process.  Depending on where you are and what requirements are placed upon you by the state and your operator’s license you will have to have specific tasks done to be up to code for a clean establishment.  When working with a commercial establishment you are graded on a letter system.  A is the best and D or F is a failing grade.  These letters are placed on the front of the buildings to notify people of how clean the establishment is and if they are sticking to code rules and enforcement.

Residential cleaning

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Residential cleaning is also important and one can’t be lax about it either.  However, the state doesn’t come into our homes and make sure that our water is hot enough, we wiped down our counters and took out the trash.  When we clean our homes, we are responsible for its cleanliness and how we decide to live.

Cleaning products

There are many cleaning products on the market.  For commercial cleaning you can get away with some off the shelf products but in general you will need commercial grade strength products.  These commercial grade products are more concentrated and will last longer in a high traffic environment.  For residential cleaning, you can get away with off the shelf products since they are made specifically for day to day cleaning in our homes.

Cleaning frequency

You will be cleaning on different time tables and in different frequencies.  For commercial cleaning you will need to clean on a daily basis and have the same level of cleaning done on a daily basis.  For residential cleaning you can go a week or two without a heavy cleaning job depending on your home and your level or dirtiness.